All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

Samsung Galaxy A73 5G

The Samsung Galaxy series is one of the most popular range of products produced by Samsung, largely due to its affordability. The range has recently expanded, and one of the newest models to hit the market is the Samsung Galaxy A73. If you are thinking of upgrading your phone, then you might be wondering whether the A73 is worth it; read on for a breakdown of its features and specifications.

The Design & Build

The A73 does differ from the previous models in that it is taller and slimmer than its predecessors. It is made from polycarbonate, ensuring that it is lightweight and adding to the ease of operation. The A73 comes in several colors for you to choose between, depending on your preferences. It was designed with ergonomics in mind, from the size of the phone to the placement of the buttons. 

The Display

As mentioned above, the phone is bigger, which means the display is slightly bigger than in previous iterations. The A73 has an AMOLED panel which optimizes the phone for content consumption. The rich, colorful and smooth display offers quick response times, and the bezels are also slimmer than the older generations. The display excels in most light levels; overall, it is simply great. 

The Performance

The Samsung Galaxy A73, available directly from Samsung – which also offers free gifts and discounts to consumers – is 5G compatible. It also comes with several other features as standard: Bluetooth, fast-charging, dual-band Wi-Fi, 128GB storage space and NFC. The battery life is decent; it is on par with other offerings from Samsung. Therefore the battery is reliable, lasting up to two days with minimal use. The performance of the A73 is phenomenal, the processor is designed to keep up with your demands, and overall, the phone delivers on its potential.

The Camera

The camera system on the A73 is designed to produce great shots. The ultrawide camera isn’t as detailed as the main camera, but this isn’t particularly noticeable on a small phone screen. In addition, the background blur really helps to make the subjects of the photos pop. The front camera is great for selfies providing detailed photos in various light levels. The portrait setting also brightens the photos to enhance your selfie experience.

Is The Samsung Galaxy A73 Worth It?

In short, yes, the A73 is worth it – especially if you consider it from the point of view of a leading budget phone. The A73 comes in an attractive and ergonomic package, and it features a superb display, great battery life, a strong camera and leading software; essentially, while it could be considered as a little on the pricier side, it is worth it for what you are getting. 

It offers a well-rounded experience that most smartphone users appreciate. Also, depending on where you purchase it from, you could find yourself a good deal. For example, purchasing directly from Samsung means that you are eligible for free delivery, a warranty, a gift with purchase, and they also offer money-off trade-in schemes for your older models. When it comes to purchasing a new phone, you really need to think about what you want to get out of it. What do you want from a new phone and will this give it to you?